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Тръжна документация за провеждане на процедура за избор на изпълнител с публична покана на краен получател „Дитекс-СМ“ ООД с предмет „Закупуване, доставка и монтаж на "Автоматична линия за прошиване на градински, декоративни и палетни възглавници с две прошивни глави", състояща се от: "Многоредова автоматизирана машина за прошиване" - 1 бр. и "Автоматизирана права машина за обточване с нож за прецизно отрязване на остатъка на изделието по време на шиене" - 6 бр.""“

Срок за подаване на оферти: 06.07.2023 г. – 13.07.2023 г.

Допълнителна информация:

Валидна до: четвъртък, 13.07.2023 г.

Възложител: „Дитекс-СМ“ ООД

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About Us

Ditex SM Ltd. is one of the leading producers of bed linen and kitchen textiles in Bulgaria. Established in 1997 in Sofia, the company is a family-owned business, run by Dimitar Ivanov and Svetlomira Ivanova.

Throughout the years, we’ve proven ourselves as a reliable supplier, capable of satisfying the needs and demands of our customers. Some of the retailers we work with include worldwide known supermarket chains like Kaufland Bulgaria, METRO Cash and Carry Bulgaria, Praktiker Bulgaria, etc., as well as multiple vendors, active on the local markets. We have also established strong business relationships with customers from all over Europe. On a weekly basis, we export to companies from Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Romania and Turkey. As a socially conscious company, we import raw materials from suppliers from China and Pakistan, who share our values and are holders of BSCI certificates.

Ditex SM Ltd. has two production plants – in Sofia and in Vratza (Northwest Bulgaria) – which employ 70 workers and 15 staff members on more than 6000 square meters of working area . The production capacities are increasing annually thanks to regular investments in new machinery and in improving the energy consumption and efficiency. The factory in Vratza is our main production facility for filled products like duvets, pillow, bed covers and mattress protectors. It was opened in 2012 and initially we had only one quilt and wadding production line. By 2014, we both a second quilt line and a pillow line. Two years ago, we acquired EU funding and invested in a new ultrasonic quilting line and ball fibre pillow line, which was installed in the beginning of 2017 and would further increase our production capacities and broaden our product gamut. Furthermore, the company devotes resources to upgrading the staff qualifications and expanding the product gamut to match the current trends and demands of the market.

The main product lines of the company include - 100% microfibre polyester duvets, ranging in sizes, fabric qualities and weights; Bed covers – 100% polyester quilted 80-100 gsm; 100% cotton and 100% polyester bed linen sets; Fitted bed sheets made of cotton triccot;
Pillows – 100% polyester, 100% cotton, quilted; Kitchen tablecloths – 100 % polyester jacquard and 100% cotton; Quilted kitchen chair pads with polyurethane; Kitchen chair pillows filled with polyester filling. We can also produce products on special requests by customers.

Since 2014, our polyester products (including duvets, bed sheets, etc.) have been certified for their quality with OekoTex Standard 100 Certifcate. Since 2016, we have also certified all our cotton products. We have an ISO 9001:2008 certificate for Quality management; and we are currently in preparation for BSCI audit.

Ditex SM Ltd. is developing with a steady positive pace, which is representative for the good managerial capacity of the company. The company’s vision will remain the same – improving the production processes to offer high quality products at an attractive price;
aiming to remain the leading producer of home textiles on the local, and a competitive one on the European market.

Get in touch

Bulgaria, Sofia,
gen. Nikola Jekov N10

Mobile: +(359) 897 830 196
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